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In 2001, I prepared to become a Christian Science Practitioner through a two-week intensive course, and have attended an annual meeting (refresher) for that class every year since. Practicing Christian Science healing full time has long been my goal. However, it wasn’t until I completed my doctorate in August 2010 and stopped my academic work that I went public with my practice. In 2013, I was appointed to the Christian Science Board of Lectureship and am now available to travel and give youth talks on spirituality and healing. — Christie C. Hanzlik, Ph.D., CS u MY JOURNEY & HEALINGS
Everyone comes to understand and love practicing Christian Science healing through a different path. For me, I witnessed amazing healing growing up with parents dedicated to studying the bible. Finding freedom from fear after a car-jacking (and recovering the car within hours!), experiencing a quick and full healing from wounds I suffered in a roll-over car accident, and healing overnight from aggressive symptoms from a brown recluse spider bite were just three of what became normal and natural healings that I saw in my youth.
But it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I truly began practicing Christian Science for myself on a regular basis. Trials I faced while earning two Masters and a Ph.D. in Educational Policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, caring for two young sons, and landing on my feet after my divorce each have taught me how to rely on Christian Science for everything that I need. Over the past fifteen years, I’ve witnessed dozens of physical, mental, emotional and financial healings, and found that stability and health are present possibilities for us as we recognize God (or love’s) tender affection and care. As we see ourselves as love does... perfectly... we find healing.
Now that I’ve completed my graduate education and my two boys are in elementary school, I’ve found my window to further dedicate myself to Christian Science by helping others. I’m available via phone, email, and office visits. In addition to my full-time practice, I spend my time writing, goofing off with my two sons, biking, playing sand volleyball, and enjoying Colorado.
I enjoy a variety of hobbies. I love photography, writing, studying history, and painting. And I participate in many sports including sand volleyball, water skiing, white-water kayaking, SCUBA diving, hiking, camping, road biking, and swimming.  But perhaps most of all, I love playing with my two young sons.
“The recipe for beauty is to have less illusion and more Soul, to retreat from the belief of pain or pleasure in the body into the unchanging calm and glorious freedom of spiritual harmony.”  — Science And Health, pg. 247
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